Occidental Grill & Seafood

1986: The Occidental reopens in new structure

Where Statemen Dine

In the Eighties development in downtown D.C. begins to boom again. In 1986, the elegance of former decades is restored to Pennsylvania Avenue with the reopening of both the Willard Hotel and the Occidental Restaurant.

The new Occidental, located just yards away from the original, features dining areas on two floors with the extensive photo library in the downstairs grill and lobby. The Oliver Carr Company purchases the famed faces collection and the old photographs are returned to the restaurant. They included pictures of General Douglas MacArthur, John D. Rockefeller, John Philip Sousa and Gus and Fred Buchholz. Downstairs opens as a less formal grille while upstairs featured a more formal dining area with red, plush upholstered booths and 19th-century, French-style seating and oil paintings of past presidents.