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1962: John Scali meets Aleksander Fomin from the Soviet Embassy during Cuban Missile Crisis

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In the early 1960's, Occidental plays a supporting role in the Cuban Missile Crisis. During the crisis, ABC News correspondent John Scali had lunch at the restaurant with the counselor of the Soviet embassy, Aleksander Fomin. At the lunch, Fomin passed papers to Scali indicating the Soviet Union’s willingness to make a deal regarding the crisis. The papers led to the removal of the missile sites in Cuba and ended the crisis. Today, the table where this historic event took place is marked by a brass plaque which reads, “At this table during the tense moments of the Cuban missile crisis a Russian offer to withdraw missiles from Cuba was passed by the mysterious Russian ‘Mr. X’ to ABC-TV correspondent John Scali. On the basis of this meeting the threat of a possible nuclear war was avoided."