Occidental Grill & Seafood

1920s: World War I Era 

Where Statemen Dine

For a time at the beginning of World War I, Buchholz remained sympathetic to the country of his birth. He hosts the crew of the German submarine Deutschland and the passenger liner PrinzEitel Friedrich at the Occidental, but after America’s entry in to the war, Buchholz changed his attitude and declared the ties that bound him to America were stronger than any other. He works tirelessly for the war effort. The Occidental was the first restaurant in Washington to address the food shortage. Menus read, “Mr. Hoover says: ‘To win the war we must conserve our food.’ During these war times we ask the cooperation of our patrons in the avoidance of all waste in the food supply.” He donates the profits from the Occidental’s cloakroom to the American Red Cross, and he purchases more than $40,000 worth of war bonds.

By the time the war ended, the Occidental was firmly rooted as one of the city’s premiere eateries.